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PPF Calculator

PPF Calculator

What is a PPF Calculator?

A Public Provident Fund (PPF) calculator is an investment tool designed to help investors calculate the potential returns and growth of their investments in a PPF account.

Public Provident Fund (PPF) Scheme:

The Public Provident Fund (PPF) is a long-term investment scheme offered by the Government of India. It is a good option as it is a safe and secure investment with attractive tax benefits.

Features of PPF account
  • Guaranteed returns: PPF offers guaranteed returns on your investment which changes quarterly. The current interest rate on PPF is 7.1% per annum.
  • Tax benefits: Investments are qualified for deduction under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act.
  • Maturity period: The maturity period of a PPF account is 15 years. However, you can extend the maturity period for 5 years or multiple of 5 years after the maturity period.
  • Loan facility: You can avail a loan from your PPF account after three years of investment till 6th year under some serious conditions.
  • Partial withdrawals: Eligible for Partial withdrawals are allowed from your PPF accounts for 7 years of investment.
Who can open a PPF account?
  • Any Adult Indian citizens can open a PPF account.
  • A Guardian can open an account on behalf of minors.
Documents required to open a PPF account?
  • Identity proof (PAN card, Aadhaar card, etc)
  • Address proof (Voter ID card, passport, etc)
  • Two passport-size photographs for form filling
How to Open a PPF Account?

You can open a PPF account at any post office or any bank in India. You will have to fill out an application form and submit the required documents.

Benefits of Investing in PPF

  • Safe and secure: It is a government-backed scheme, so your investment is safe and secure.
  • Guaranteed returns: PPF offers guaranteed returns on your investment (7.1% interest rate) - changes quarterly.
  • Tax benefits: PPF offers attractive tax benefits under deductions of 80 C.

Things to Consider Before Investing in PPF

  • Lock-in period: PPF has a lock-in period of 15 years. This means that you cannot withdraw your money before the maturity period.
  • Interest rates: The interest rates on PPF are determined by the government and may not always be the highest in the market.
  • Limited withdrawal options: You can only make partial withdrawals from your PPF account after the 7th year.

How does the PPF Calculator work?

A PPF calculator helps to calculate the potential returns from your Public Provident Fund (PPF) account. How the PPF calculator works:

Input Values:

You have to provide the following details like:

  • Annual Investment amount: The annual contribution that you want to make for your PPF account.
  • Investment Duration: The total period for which you plan to invest in PPF (generally it's locked in for 15 years).
  • Interest Rate: Enter the current PPF interest rate which is around 7.1% as of 2024-25.

The calculator provides the following calculations:

  • Total Investment: This shows the total amount you will have invested by the end of the scheme.
  • Total Interest: This shows the total interest you will have earned over the investment period.
  • Maturity Value: This shows the total Amount you will receive at the end of the investment.

Formula to Calculate PPF

The formula is used to calculate the maturity amount for the PPF scheme:-

F = P [ ((1 + i)^n - 1) / i ]


  • F = Total Maturity amount
  • P = Annual investments done by a person
  • i = Interest rate (need to be converted in decimal forms before putting it in the formula)
  • n = Investment durations in years

Formula Use Example

Let's say you want to invest Rs 15,000 annually in your PPF account for 15 years, and the current interest rate is 7.1%

You can calculate the maturity amount using the formula:

F = 15,000 [ ((1 + 0.071)^15 - 1) / 0.071 ]


  • Total Investment- ₹2,25,000
  • Total Interest- ₹1,81,821
  • Maturity Value- ₹4,06,821

Advantages of Using a PPF Calculator

The PPF calculator offers several advantages for potential investors, making it a valuable tool for informed financial.

  • It helps estimate potential returns. By knowing the maturity amount, total interest earned, and total amount invested, a PPF calculator helps you plan your finances for future goals.
  • Helps to Compare Investments: You can experiment with different annual investment amounts to see how they impact the maturity value. This allows you to optimize your investment strategy within the PPF that will suit you the best.

Steps to use the PPF Calculator

Using the PPF is a straightforward process. Here's a breakdown of the typical steps involved:

  1. Input Annual Investment Amount: Enter the Annual Investment Amount that you would like to invest in PPF.
  2. Input Duration: Enter the duration of your investment in years (typically 15 years).
  3. Input Interest Rate: Enter the current interest rate for the PPF scheme (7.1% as of 2024).
  4. Click the "Calculate" button. This processes your input and generates the estimated results.

Output: The calculator will display the following results:-

  • Total Investment
  • Total Interest
  • Maturity Value

Common Mistakes to Avoid While Using the PPF Calculator?

To ensure the accuracy of your calculations, avoid these common pitfalls.

  • Inaccurate Values: Double-check that you're entering the correct investment amount and interest rate.


The Public Provident Fund (PPF) is an Indian government scheme with guaranteed returns and tax benefits, ideal for long-term saving goals with a 15-year lock-in period and an interest rate of 7.1% as of 2024. A PPF calculator helps you estimate future returns based on your annual investments. This allows you to plan effectively and make informed choices about including PPF in your investment.

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