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Hello! Myself omborad, I have transformed my body from 121kg to 70kg. Just feels free to ask me about fitness related things !!
Hey. I'm currently 88 Kg. I want to come down to 70 Kg without any gym. What diet would you recommend for breakfast?
Please advise me between the entry-level credit cards from Axis, iDFC, and SBI as I prepare to apply for my first credit card.
Which card is good for mi as my spending is low through card just want to build credit score.
I would suggest you to go for idfc because they are providing life time free credit card as you mentioned your spending is low so you don't have to worry about the annual charges of the card and entry level cards are more or less same in terms of rewards.
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I want resolve my credit card fraud transaction. I have already raised a dispute but they closed against me what to do now. I have uploaded details of events and cyber crime complete copy before two days of closing dispute pls help me regarding this


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Pls help me about this
You can reach out to the consumer forum and raise a complaint. Company will have to reopen your dispute and will help in a more positive way. Hope it works out for the good. All the best!
Ask the credit card company to reopen your dispute. And if you don't get any solutions from the bankside then you should complain on RBI banking ombudsman after 30 days.