Gain control over your mind


KF Rookie
Mind Is the most precious thing that God gifted us whether you can convince your mind to be weak and see some low dopamine videos or watch some personal growth content I will also try to make you a well educated man and we all see beekifayti shorts but start implementing it it's my first article hope you learned something from this
Stay hard~david goggins


KF Rookie
First of all you can't control the mind, if you think you are controlling the mind you are already in other kind of illusion where mind is working again, so rather than thinking about how to control the mind simply make a list of entertainments you go through right from the starting of the day by morning coffee, newspaper, instagram reels, youtube shorts, movies, pornography, evening coffee, junk foods etc.. this may be surprising that is newspaper entertainment too?, I would say yes, what if one day you don't get the newspaper, you feel irritated but in a small way when compared to irritation level when you miss a movie. By self journalism you can invest your mind and shift your energy to the things that truly make one happy rather than simply going behind what's easily accessible. It takes lot of time to get into clarity, but it's a feeling of worthy life when you are at your deathbed, without any regrets.