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There are a lot of negative reviews by the customers. I wouldn't recommend it to trust the platform. How do you get to know about the platform?


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Had a chance to see this, This post is an unbiased review of Vuenow (Vuenowonline.com).

Disclaimer: I haven’t invested with them

What is Vuenow?

Vuenow is a company that manages data centers and offers IT services for businesses. They have notable clients like VMware, AWS, Azure, and Cisco. They create, operate, and lease data center infrastructure to earn revenue.

Investment Options

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They offer various investment options with a rental yield of approximately 40%, which as you guessed seems crazy.

The Good Parts
  • Vuenow InfoTech signed a Rs 13,500 crore MoU to develop 750 Edge data centers in Uttar Pradesh in 2022. News was released in multiple publications. Although not sure what is the latest update on this development of "Edge data Centers"
  • They have a Google rating of 4.7/5, though with only 32 reviews.

The Bad Parts (Red Flags)
  • Vuenow Infratech Ltd. entered Graded Surveillance Measure (GSM) on Jan 9, 2024, which means monitoring by SEBI due to unusual market behavior. This is a Big Red Flag for all the Retail Investors. Normally GSM companies have some unusual financial transactions and price fluctuations making it unsafe for investors.
  • They claim that a 1.5 lakh rupee investment will yield Rs 5,100 every month for 10 years, which implies a 40% return. This seems too good to be true. If you have such confidence in your business, why not simply take a business Loan from a Bank at 15-20% instead of giving 40% returns to retail investors. If this risk for this 40% is too high, why is this not been flagged to investors?
  • Their website mentions that your particles will be rented to 3rd party companies on PrimeCloudNet.com . The website seems super shady. You can check for yourself
  • Similar cloud computing scams have existed in the U.S.
  • The company has multiple names like Vuenow Infratech, Vuenow Marketing, and Vuenow Infotech, which makes their structure appear complex. I mean why create such complexities when you have such awesome business model

My Verdict

Not sure if this is a Scam, MLM or simply a Fraud. But seems too risky for me.