Annual charges reversal

I have Sbi simply click credit card, I've checked the spend analizer in the app it's showing 1 lakh from January till date. But when I call the Caustomar care they told me it is calculated based on the total due amount after the statement generation. I'm shocked.I Don't even spend on rent or load wallet.Generally I pay most of the amount before bill generation to maintain the utilisation ratio. Help me with this. want to know how the total spend is calculated and is there any specific time period for a annum or it's calculated right after the card issuance.


KF Ace
No, it depends upon the amount you spend, nothing to do with advance payment.
Also, in statement, there is a column of milestone calculator, check your milestone spendings from there
what about the spend analizer, I think in statement it's showing less amount I'm providing screenshot


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Thanks! I get an idea how it works. I've checked each transaction nd there are no rent or wallet loading or insurance...... all are just normal utility, ecommerce shopping, ofline matches pos, normal stuff.