Any platform for instant credit around Rs. 10k - 20k


KF Mentor
Suppose, I need Rs. 10k -20k in my bank. Is there any platform which gives an amount at a very low-interest rate for 1 or more months of EMI?
The Cred app gives instant cash at 15.9% pa interest.
Is there anything better than this?
You can transfer 10k-20k for 290-570Rs per transaction through a credit card to a wallet to a bank account from your credit card. Use Mobikwik for this.
It's a hack for cash withdrawal with a minimum charge.
Instead of cred app which charges 15.9%, go for 12% club app which charges 12% annually and provide small loans, credit card are also a good option for small tenure but as u delayed in payment then they will charge huge penalty and also charges interest at 30-40% annually