Anybody SIPing in Bitcoin & Ethereum Coins


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Hey Folks,

Hope y'all learning & sharing knowledge on this platform. Happy to see finance enthusiasts at one place.

My question is to crypto investors, what are your thoughts on the below mentioned:
Will such solid blockchain coins (especially Bitcoin & Ethereum) going to be there 5-10 Years(future view) down the line?
Considering Digital Rupee introduced in our Indian Economy & not many countries willing to consider this as legal assets or as trading currency (like fiat INR/DOLLAR)
Shall we consider SIPing in these coins further?
(Only talking about 5-8% in crypto of the total Investment Portfolio)

What are your views & suggestions?
Would love to hear them


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I personally think there is a lot of utility of these blockchains, but I have my doubts on the legality of these in the next 5-10 years. My biggest concern is that these blockchains pose a credible threat to the Central Banks worldwide, therefore they would never allow these blockchains to flourish.

That being said, I am holding 2% of my portfolio in some of these blockchains only as a doomsday scenario.

P.S - I am a Fan of Naseem Taleb's Theory of 'Black Swan'


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I recently started SIP in a crypto portfolio. Came across this interesting platform that builds and manages crypto funds powered by Algorithms.
For me, their BlueChip fund made sense and started a SIP of 4,000. @Nickhere
You can try that out.
I believe Bitcoin & Ethereum will remain in existence for a long period of time, if investor is in position to take risk, then he/she will get rewarded with good gains, also doing research on projects can add more better returns in medium term

Crypto projects are "financial technology experiment" based on Blockchain Technology, all projects are trying to solve a problem, some will successful and lot will fade out

All governments are still understanding the blockchain technology and benefits, once they fully understand and comfortable with this tech, then some of these projects will be part of existing financial system

Digital Rupee or CBDC "Central Bank Digital Currency" is also an learning by governments, which they have taken from "Crypto & Blockchain Technology"


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See... you have to think this scenario on world level.
You have to ask yourself that -
why there was a need to create blockchain ?
why bitcoin was created ?
what is the use of all this blockchain system ?

The fact is.... this bitcoin and blockchain was created to take back the power of centralised banks like RBI, Federal bank etc. As these are the controlling authority of there respective country. The man aim of the crypto system was take back the ownership of money stored in accounts and to be our own owner.

In crypto system we are the real owner of our money, we can send money any time at nominal fees to anywhere in the world without the control of any organisation. So no government would like it. but every person want to have this kind of system.

So slowly the world is recognising the demand of people and ultimately the whole world will be forced to accept this system. because governments are from people not people is from governments. We can say that its a new monetary system which will replace the old one.

So off course this is the future .... you can stay invested for long period of time. But yes, you have to remain bold to keep invested in this field. Its a battle to change the financial world.