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8.40% per annum.
Have seen Loan offers at lower rates than 8.40%
BOB offers 8.15% to Govt Employees
Punjab State Cooperative offers 8.25%
Kotak offers 8.35%

And these are the ones that I personally know of, I'm sure there are many more Banks out there offering lower Interest Rates


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Hello seniors,
Can i ask you about loan for purchasing Agriculture land?Seniors we want to purchase 1 acre of agriculture land for which we have fund around 10% ,remaining 90% we want to get loan. we approached HDFC home loan they said they can give us top-up loan for required amount,on our existing home loan ( Remaining principal amount of home loan is 3.5 lakh) .
What way you senior or experts recommend we should opt for? please suggest.


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Hi, I am having home loan from Canara bank for roi 9.35%, and loan amount is 48L and duration is for 20 years in that , its been 4 years since I am paying emi, but till now I haven't paid any extra emi or lumpsum payment, my emi comes around 45000, since bank has increased roi due to increase in RBI repo rate, so I was thinking to transfer the loan to diff bank which offers less interest, but someone told that now if we switch again I need to bear all the charges which almost comes to the same amount which I save in paying interests, so what would be best approach

And also bank has forcefully given insurance against home loan at the same roi