Axis Bank debit card charges, NEED HELP!


KF Ace
Axis Bank wrongly charged me Rs. 590 for a supposed "free" debit card replacement (Mastercard to Visa). App showed no fees, I have proof. They denied my appeal.
What can I do??


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I too was surprised to see that the Liberty Debit Card was available for free to me, just like this one was to you. I too was skeptical about it and have kept the screenshots just like you have, but I'm happy to say that I wasn't charged the fee.

If the customer support isn't helping you out, ask them to put their senior on. The senior team is usually sensible and provide immediate resolution and if they still don't, you either can write to their nodal officers or just skip the level and complaint directly to RBI on the official website.

Trust me, you'll get your money back.
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