Bank accounts that works with Gupshup Pay(GSPay)


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I have just purchased Nokia 110 4G which comes with the GSPay app and using that you can do UPI payments using 123Pay service which relies on SMS for payments rather than the internet. (a side note on Nokia 110 4g that it comes with a camera so scan and pay features work, rather than typing the upi id in other nokia phones, for the price another option was Jio Prima with JioPay but that is tied with JIO sim with JIOPhone recharge, but didn't wanted to tie myself up)

So my idea was to have a feature phone which I could use for UPI payment via SMS in situations when the internet doesn't work or my main phone battery is dead or inaccessible.

However, it seems that not all banks can be registered with the GSPAY (Well its a 2 step process, first you have to add/register the bank account , once thats done you need to generate UPI Pin). In my experience, I was able to register and generate pin with my ICICI, But for the Jupiter Account (Federal Bank) I was able to register the account and while generating the PIN it gave me the error "Credential SubType not found". This is after you can get past the usual server timeout that you get in the first step of registering the bank account.

Thought of creating this thread to get know how is the experience of other folks if anybody has given it a shot in any other phone (not necessarily on Nokia 110, since GSPAY backend service might be common for all )


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Same problem, in Nokia 106. I tried to set UPI for a UCO bank account, and it gave this error message