Bank of Baroda BRO Savings Account: Benefits with Review


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Thinking about getting a BOB BRO Savings Account? It's a great choice, especially for students aged 16 to 21-22. This account is designed for young adults and students, and the best part – no need to worry about keeping a minimum balance.

Now, let's talk about why students should consider it:

Benefits for Students​

Complimentary Airport Lounge Access: If you travel a few times a year, this account gives you free access to domestic airport lounges (2 times every quarter). Nice perk, right?

Concessional Interest Rates on Education Loans: Planning on an education loan? With BOB BRO, you get a 0.15% interest rate discount and zero processing fees. That means more savings during your loan repayments.

Auto Sweep Facility: Your money doesn't just sit there. This feature helps your idle funds earn more for you, even while they're in your account.

Drawbacks to Keep in Mind​

Debit Card Charges: Although you get a free debit card, watch out for issuance and renewal fees. It's not completely fee-free.

Average User Experience: The app and net banking work, but they might not be as smooth as you expect. If you love a super user-friendly interface, this might be a small downside.

Important Terms to Know​

Joint Account for Students Above 18: Even if you're over 18, this is a joint account with your parent or guardian. Both of you will handle the account.

Account Closure Charges: Closing the account within the first year might cost you Rs. 200 after the initial 14 days.

Overall Review​

BOB BRO Savings Account is a good deal, especially for students. The loan discount, airport lounge access, and auto-sweep feature make it stand out. Just keep in mind it's a joint account.


Yes, it's useful, especially for the low maintenance and education loan benefits. But for day-to-day ease, consider having another account with a private bank for a more user-friendly experience.
More features of Bank of Baroda BRO Savings Account:-
  • Zero Balance Account with Auto Sweep facility .
  • Free Cheque book
  • 1 Free DD/ Banker Cheque per Annum
  • Free SMS Alerts
  • Collateral Free education Loan up to Rs.40 Lac for Premier Institutes
  • Zero Education loan processing fee with Reduced ROI
  • Other offer:-
    1. Attractive Loyalty Reward point through bobworld app.
    2. *Exclusive Credit Cards offers from BFSL.
    3. Other offers provided by other Business Verticals of the Bank time to time.
its great for students and for those who needs education loans