Best HDFC credit card?


KF Rookie
I have a HDFC credit card but I want to switch from that one because I need more cashback offers. Please suggest to me some of the best credit cards, mainly I want cashback or offers or points on shopping, restaurants, and fuel.


KF Mentor
In my opinion, HDFC Millenia CC is one of the best entry-level credit cards for cashback.
Second, Tata Neu Infinity HDFC Bank CC is a great option for UPI + cashback.


Staff member
Hi, I would suggest going ahead with either SBI Cashback Credit Card or HDFC Regalia. SBI Cashback (Annual fees of Rs. 999 + GST) will give you 5% cashback on all your online spends, and HDFC Regalia (Annual fees of Rs. 2999 + GST) is an excellent card with decent benefits across all categories - shopping, flights, restaurants, etc