BH Number Tax on vehicles that needs to be paid every two year


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The registration charges for BH (Bharat) number plates vary depending on the vehicle type. For petrol and CNG cars, the charge is 8% of the vehicle's value, for electric vehicles it is 6%, and for diesel vehicles it is 10%. The registration fee is calculated by multiplying the registration charge by the vehicle's value and dividing by 15.

For example, a petrol car valued at ₹10 lakh would have a registration fee of ₹10666.67 (8% of ₹10 lakh divided by 15).

Vehicle TypeRegistration Charge (%)Registration Fee (2 years)

I hope this is more helpful!
Hi @nikhilchauhan,
Thanks for the response since I was planning to buy a bike I did lot of research for this and contacted few stores to confirm the same. So, I think the formula you mentioned above is not for calculating registration fee it would be helpful to calculate the annual tax but since BH number tax needs to be paid in every two year, therefore the above formula will get multiplied by 2. Hence, tax to be paid every two years for a 10 lakh petrol car would be (8% of 10 lakh divided by 15 then multiplied by 2) that is INR 21333.33

And regarding the registration fee, the below formula holds true

Screenshot 2024-01-07 at 11.39.23 PM.png