Claim after accident!

Recently, I met with an accident. (due to brake failure one of the vehicles hit my parked car from back and my car slipped and hit the pole nearby). My car is damaged from both sides i.e. back and front due to the impact, but the insurance company says that they will cover only one side. what can be done in that condition. Also, I want to know what the procedure is to claim a third-party insurance as the driver of that vehicle, and I are not aware of the procedure. Kindly advise.
I'm not an expert in insurance claims, but I can offer some general guidance. In a situation where your parked car was hit by another vehicle, and the insurance company is only willing to cover one side of the damage, you may want to consider the following steps:

1. Review Your Insurance Policy:
- Check your insurance policy to understand the coverage details and limitations. Some policies may have specific terms regarding coverage for accidents and the extent of the damages covered.

2. Contact Your Insurance Company:
- Talk to your insurance company and discuss the situation. Clearly explain the circumstances of the accident and the damages to both the front and back of your car. Ask for clarification on why only one side is being covered.

3. Get a Second Opinion:
- If you disagree with the assessment, consider seeking a second opinion from another qualified mechanic or an independent assessor. Provide their assessment to your insurance company.

4. Document the Damages:
- Take detailed photos of all the damages to your car from both sides. This documentation can serve as evidence to support your claim.

Regarding the third-party claim as the driver of the other vehicle:

1. Exchange Information:
- Exchange contact and insurance information with the driver of the other vehicle. This includes names, addresses, phone numbers, insurance company names, and policy numbers.

2. File a Police Report:
- If it hasn't been done already, file a police report about the accident. This can serve as official documentation for the incident.

3. Contact the Other Driver's Insurance:
- Reach out to the insurance company of the driver at fault. Provide them with the necessary information, including the police report, to initiate the third-party claim.

4. Follow Up:
- Stay in touch with both your insurance company and the other driver's insurance company. Keep records of all communications.
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