cloud particle storage sale and lease back model


KF Rookie
**Important Information Regarding Investment Opportunity**

Some companies are currently offering high returns on investment through a rather unconventional business model. We feel it is our duty to inform the general public about this investment opportunity to ensure that individuals are aware of the potential risks and challenges associated with it.

**Key Facts to Consider:**

**1. Unusual Business Model:** These companies are offering investments to the public, claiming to provide cloud storage services to common individuals. However, it is also associated with another company that leases back the same storage from its customers, offering a rental return of 3 to 4 percent. This raises questions about the sustainability and transparency of the investment.

**2. Utilization of Data Centers:** Despite having its own data center facilities, this company is selling storage space to common individuals and sharing revenue with them. This raises concerns about why they would choose to involve the general public in their business model when they have the necessary infrastructure.

**3. Questionable Financial Decisions:** If the company's motive for selling storage space is to fund business expansion, it is worth noting that traditional business loans and other financial options typically offer more cost-effective financing compared to the rental returns being paid to customers. This decision could raise doubts about the financial health and intentions of the company.

**4. High Returns to Introducers:** The company is offering introducers a high return of 7 to 10 percent for bringing in new investors. Such a high commission rate may be indicative of an aggressive recruitment strategy, which could raise concerns about the long-term stability of the investment.

We strongly advise the general public to exercise caution when considering investment opportunities. Before making any financial decisions, we recommend thoroughly researching the company, seeking advice from financial experts, and ensuring that the investment aligns with your financial goals and risk tolerance.

Invest your hard-earned money wisely, and always prioritize the security and transparency of your investments.