Credit lines

I am in need of a credit line. I require a sanctioned amount but only need to pay for the amount I utilize. I earn INR 42,000 per month, but I do not have a PF deduction, which is why Bajaj Finance declined my credit line facility. Is there any other way to get an unsecured credit line? I will only use it in emergencies and unforeseen events.


Staff member
Of late UPI apps - PhonePe, GPay have also started offering small credit lines basis your UPI usage. Would recommend you to check out that once


KF Rookie
Paytm Postpaid, Slice, Mobikwik, Zest Money: Please use them only in emergency cases; I do not recommend any of these.

Furthermore, all these credit lines essentially function as personal loans, which can negatively impact your CIBIL score if you don't maintain a mix of credit cards and personal loans, based on my experience.

Also don't apply randomly on every pay later/credit line/service you find on internet.