Current Account


KF Ace
Hi, I am looking forward to starting a new business. I would like to know the best current account with minimal paperwork that can be opened digitally.


KF Expert
For current account i think you should build relationship with the nearest branch from your business location instead of opening online. Because it will be beneficial for you in the long run.


KF Expert
And if you can open two accounts
One in private bank like HDFC or ICICI
And another in govt bank like SBI
Yah I know SBI is bad in service but their online facilities are bearable.
And reason behind this is government banks interest rate for loan if required in future will be very good in comparison to shiny private counterparts.
Besides you have a private bank for avoiding cue for cash deposits , withdrawal, drafts etc


KF Rookie
Hello Everyone
I have a minus 49000 balance on my axis current account. I don't want to use this account anymore. I receive daily sms of my -ve balance from. Bank. Will it be a problem if I leave the current account as it is?