Debt Repayment

Hello Everyone, Can you help me on this types of Questions to related on Personal loan.
1.Lock in period kitne year ke liye hota hain of any Bank?
2.Lock in period में कया हम Prepayments चालु कर सकते हैं?
3. Kya Bank Prepayments karne pe Hidden Charge karta hain?
4.क्या हम EMI ki Amount (Yearly) Increase kar sakte hain?
5.Kya Hum Lock in Period main Down Payment kar sakte hain?
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1) Lock in Period is the period before which you can't prepay your Loan (Partial or in Full)
2) No you can't prepay in Lock in period
3) Yes, there are charges for prepayment - these are mentioned in your Loan Agreement / Sanction Letter
4) You can increase your EMI without any penalty only if banks allow prepayment with ZERO charges
5) You can pay your scheduled EMI (which comprises of principal + interest payment) during Lock in period