Distribution of 10k SIP among large cap, mid cap and small cap mutual funds.

Ram J

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How do I distribute my 10k SIP into largecap, midcap and small cap mutual funds?
Abhiuday, if you are a risk averse and first time investor would suggest you to enter into a Large / Large and Midcap fund to start off with. Mirae Asset emerging Bluechip is a good option which you can look at. Pure Midcap and Smallcap funds carry the risk of capital erosion and should be included if you are comfortable with the risk elements pertaining g to those. Trust this helps you.


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If you are ready to take more risk then you can invest more in small cap or mid cap. Large cap mutual funds have lower returns but the amount of risk is also low. So you can invest in large cap mutual fund to stabilize your returns while you invest in small or mid cap for high returns over the long term.