dvdstore .org is a SCAM WEBSITE ! PLS BE AWARE

I was searching for some old DVDs, and I found one site that was selling them. The link to the site is **** dvdstore.org .I bought a CD for 250 rupees and paid for it through their payment gateway.

250 rupee payment details (this I did on Google Pay)
Upi transaction ID: 401699551178
TO: Mr. Kaushik Pal (rentscarsstore@okhdfcbank)

The next day, I received a call (either on phone number +91 9163472046 or via WhatsApp) from the DVD store informing me that my chosen DVDs weren't enough to meet the minimum order value of Rs. 1000 for them to proceed to shipping. To proceed, I needed to add more CDs. I agreed to their suggestion and placed an additional order over the phone.
This brought the total bill amount to Rs. 1600, including the initial Rs. 250 payment. They sent a QR code through WhatsApp (using the same phone number mentioned earlier) for me to settle the remaining balance of Rs. 1350 (1600 - 250)."

1350 rupee transaction details (this I did on WhatsApp payment)
Upi transaction ID: 401714843618
TO: Mr. Kaushik Pal (rentscarsstore@okhdfcbank)

Now they are not replying and have stopped answering my calls and texts. So I guess I got scammed , people please be safe and here I have attached some proofs regarding it for better understanding

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