Experience with Small finance banks RD / FD


KF Rookie
I am in my 20s and have been planning to open an RD in small finance banks (keeping myself under the limit of 5L to be safe with DICGC's insurance). I have read a lot of reviews but keeping in mind that the money is insured upto 5L by RBI, I am planning to go ahead with it.

But I have not found anyone's experience on maturity of FD /RD in a small finance bank. If anyone has any experience of how it is to get the amount matured, are there are hiccups or to be known things before starting relationship with a small finance banks, then I would like to know it.

Also, I am planning to chose ESAF / Jana since right now the interest rates are best in these 2 banks (and also have branches in my home town).. but as per reputation I guess AU, Utkarsh, Equitas are much more stable. Any thoughts on this too?

Please provide answer to my primary question(if you have experience) on maturity of deposits in small finance banks.
I have o FD in utkarsh small finance bank but i dont face any problems as its the same as any other normal bank but just the name says small finance bank. Utkarsh AU equitas are all good and you can easily go ahead whichever bank is closer to your home/office as in future you can easily reach there