Financial Planning for Retired Person


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My Dad will be retired from ARMY next month. He will get lump sum 50 lakh rupees. Now he is asking me to advise him where he can put his money (investments) so that paisa grow Kare and safe bhi rahe, and with the good interest woh ghar chala sake.

Kya Karna chahiye?
Kaha invest karna chahiye?

Please give the answer with full details 🙏


KF Mentor
  1. Real Estate Property for Long-term
  2. Mutual Funds
  3. MIS Scheme
  4. SG Bonds

There are other options as well like Senior Citizen benefits
As per your risk appetite put the corpus in following
1.Debt Fund (short term)(for rgular income)
2.Equity funds/stocks(for good return)
3.FD (as emergencymoney)( Preferably Senior Citizen saving schemes which provide better int then FD)
Keep on moving the debt funds corpus


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Apart from the options mentioned above, you can also check our Senior Citizen Savings Scheme. It offers Risk Free Interest Rate of 8.20%