HDFC Millenia Credit Card Devaluation


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Previously we used to get 8 Domestic Lounge Access on HDFC Millenia Credit Card. But from 1st December 2023 to avail this benefit we will have spend a min of 1 Lakh every quarter which in my opinion is too high for beginner level card

For folks who have this card- Your thoughts on this devaluation? Will you continue using this card?


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This is not fair. Spending 1 lakh every quarter is a bit high. It means you have to spend at least Rs. 25k every month.
If they really wanted to take away lounge benefits, they should have done this for the debit cards and not credit cards.

One more thing, HDFC Millenia CC was giving 8 complimentary lounge visits. Now, are they decreasing it to just 4(1 in every quarter)?Screenshot 2023-10-31 at 9.39.21 PM.png
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Since millennia is mainly good for cashback, I wouldn't consider this much of a hit. (I'm not a frequent air traveler)

A hack for millennia holders - you can use this and get a co-branded HDFC card which has good airport lounge facilities. You will easily get approval and the credit limit will be shared between 2 cards.
1 lakh in a quarter! Esse acha bol dete we r removing this feature! It should have been upto 10k. From 5k they cannot directly say we r keeping the limit aa 1 Lakh! Not sure why all credit card companies sell the cards braging about the features and then remove those features after one year!


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I have this credit card but now I feel its to switch to better alternatives in the market. I am looking for either SBI or IDFC