HDFC Regalia vs Regalia Gold


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Hi everyone,

I currently hold an HDFC Regalia credit card and have received an offer from HDFC Bank for an upgrade to the Regalia Gold card. They're offering the first year free, but after that, there's an annual fee of INR 2,500 plus GST. I'm wondering whether this upgrade is worth it.

For those who have made the switch, could you share your experiences? Does the increase in benefits justify the annual fee in the long run? How does the rewards program compare between the two, and have you found the customer service experience to be better with the Regalia card?

Any insights on this would be greatly appreciated!


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With Regalia Gold you get extra welcome benefits - Club Vistara Silver Tier Membership & MMT Black Elite Membership. If you travel a lot, both of these can come in really handy

With Regalia Gold you can get 5X benefits on Smartbuy (Reward Rate of ~6.7%) - previously these benefits were there on Regalia but HDFC has scaled down these benefits on Regalia. Additionally, Regalia Gold also has better Milestone Benefits.

With Regalia you can waive of the renewal fees by spending 3 Lakh in 1 year, with Regalia Gold this limit is 4 Lakh. Also, you get coupons worth the same amount with Regalia which is not the case with Regalia Gold.

All in all, if you spend above 4 L on your Credit Card in 1 year you should definitely go for Regalia Gold. With same annual fees Regalia Gold is definitely a much better card


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Thank you for the detailed breakdown of the benefits of the Regalia Gold card, especially in comparison with the regular Regalia card. The enhanced welcome benefits with the Club Vistara Silver Tier and MMT Black Elite Membership sound particularly advantageous for frequent travelers.

I would like to inquire further about the airport lounge access associated with the Regalia Gold card. Could you please provide more information on the availability and extent of lounge access that comes with this card? Understanding the lounge benefits will help in assessing the overall value proposition of the Regalia Gold card for someone who travels often.

Joining FeeRs 2500 + GSTRs 2500 + GST
Welcome MembershipNoneComplimentary Club Vistara Silver Tier
MMT Black Elite Membership
Welcome Benefit2500 RP if fee is paidRs 2500 GV if fee is paid
Annual FeeRs 2500 + GSTRs 2500 + GST
Annual Fee WaiverRs 3 Lakh annual spendRs 4 Lakh annual spend
Renewal Benefit2500 RP if the renewal fee is paidNone
Base Rewards4 RP/Rs 150 (~1.3%)4 RP/Rs 150 (~1.3%)
Spends at 5X PartnersNA20 RP per Rs 150 (~6.7%)
Quarterly Milestone BenefitNoneRs 1500 GV on Rs 1.5 Lakh spend
Options: Marriott, Myntra, Marks and Spencer,
or Reliance Digital
Annual Milestone Benefit10000 RP on Rs 5 Lakh spends in membership yearRs 5000 flight GV each on Rs 5 Lakh spend and
5000 RP on Rs 8 Lakhs spendson Rs 7.5 Lakh spend
Domestic Airport Lounge Access8 complimentary visits/calendar year12 complimentary visits/calendar year
International Airport Lounge Access6 complimentary visits/calendar year6 complimentary visits/calendar year

if you get HDFC Regalia gold, take it anyday over HDFC Regalia , this comparison table will help you