High Return Funds


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Hi, I believe there is no single answer for this. Investing in Mutual Funds will depend on your risk appetite and investment objectives.

As a general rule of thumb, Small Caps offer superior returns over a long term but also have very high risk (in comparison to large and mid caps)


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I think that you must do proper research and divide your investment in SIP as well as LumpSum within a period of time. Don't forget to keep your financial goals in your mind


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Hi , I think small cap is the best option to generate the high returns in longer period of time(min 10 years). Some of good small cap funds in which i am invested is - Axis small cap fund , SBI small cap fund. But i suggest do your own research and financial goal in mind before get into this.


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I have invested in HDFC small cap, SBI contra, SBI magnum, Aditya birla flexi cap. Now i am thinking of Quant fund What's your opinion?