How much months does Cred take for showing the CIBIL?

Hello Guys,

I have just started usung credit card. Is has been 2 months. I can see my CIBIL on other apps.

But i am trying to install cred for my credit card payments, but it is not allowing me to login, showing a message to check again later. Has any1 else faces this? How long does cred take to get the cibil? Any other apps that i can use for credit card payments that gives rewards?


KF Mentor
First, the Cred app doesn't show the Cibil Score. It shows the Equifax Score.
Second, the Cred App rewards coins after making credit card payments or any other utility bill payments. You can only use these coins to avail discounts which are again not up to the mark. Besides, it may also reward Rs. 1 or 2 on these payments. But it is insignificant.

If you want good rewards on Credit card payments, then you can
1. Either use the Bill payment option of HDFC bank app using the Debit card. You get 1% cashback that you can add to the account balance.
2. Or you may use the Mobikwik app which gives 1% cashback up to Rs. 100 as wallet balance.