How to relief from the debit card annual fee?

You can't. PSU banks will hardly give LTF debit cards, they cannot afford removing annual fees on debit cards. However if you maintain good amount of money in bank account and enroll in of the banks high range banking programme then you might get LTF debit card.
Also consider closing multiple debit cards of different banks I think one for withdrawal and other purposes is sufficient as debit card rewards are not as lucrative as credit cards


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How to relief from the debit card annual fee? I have aaVisa for international from Union Bank of India. Please help
Tried negotiating with a Bank for waiving off fees, they didn't agree. The best you can do is redeem all the reward points earned on Debit Card (yes, we earn reward points on Debit Cards too). Maybe those reward points will help you square off the annual fees
Annual charges are waived for 15000 mab n 1L mab account.

there's a waiver if you make 40 transactions in a year know these variants..


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Union Bank debit card holder should not be bothered by AMC charges.
Make some transactions on the card bro.
Just for example Buy 10rs Amazon pay gift card multiple times, add money in wallets and make the required number more than 40 POS or Ecom transaction. That's it.


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1. Several banks offer free Virtual Debit Cards. In some rare scenarios, your bank might also provide you a specific variant of the regular debit card with no additional fee at all. So check your bank's mobile app or website or talk to the customer care.

2. These days, a debit card is needed only for UPI registrations and cash withdrawals. While I cannot help you with the first, you can perform cash withdrawals using UPI at any Bank of Baroda ATMs using BHIM app.