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What is the difference between Emeralde and Emeralde metal card from ICICI?

I have an upgrade offer for Emeralde from my current Sapphiro. Wondering if its worth it
Whether upgrading from ICICI Sapphiro to Emeralde, especially its metal variant, is worthwhile depends on your spending habits and how you value the additional benefits. Here's a breakdown of the key differences:
  • Sapphiro: Earns 2 reward points (RP) per Rs. 100 spent. 1 RP = Rs. 0.25 (statement credit or Paytm).
  • Emeralde: Earns 4 RP per Rs. 100 spent. 1 RP = Rs. 0.25 (statement credit or Paytm).
  • Emeralde Metal: Earns 6 RP per Rs. 200 spent. 1 RP = Rs. 0.4 (statement credit or Paytm).
Annual Fees:
  • Sapphiro: Rs. 499 + taxes.
  • Emeralde: Rs. 4,999 + taxes.
  • Emeralde Metal: Rs. 12,499 + taxes.
Additional Benefits:
  • Sapphiro: Airport lounge access (limited), dining discounts, movie offers, insurance cover.
  • Emeralde: Unlimited domestic/international airport lounge access, complimentary golf rounds, higher dining discounts, priority booking at restaurants, complimentary Taj Epicure membership, complimentary EazyDiner Prime membership.
  • Emeralde Metal: All Emeralde benefits + higher reward rate, BookMyShow discounts, complimentary international airport meet & greet service, access to private jets, higher insurance cover.
Here's a comparison table:
FeatureSapphiroEmeraldeEmeralde Metal
Rewards (Rs. per Rs. 100)0.511.2
Annual FeeRs. 499Rs. 4,999Rs. 12,499
Airport Lounge AccessLimitedUnlimited Domestic/InternationalUnlimited Domestic/International
Dining DiscountsLowerHigherHigher
Additional BenefitsLimitedTaj Epicure, EazyDiner PrimeHigher discounts, BookMyShow, Meet & Greet, Private Jets
In conclusion:
  • If you spend heavily and value travel and luxury benefits, Emeralde or Emeralde Metal could be worth the upgrade, especially for the higher rewards and exclusive perks.
  • If your spending is moderate and you primarily use the card for basic benefits like lounge access and dining discounts, Sapphiro might suffice.
  • Consider the annual fees carefully. The significant jump in fees for Emeralde and Emeralde Metal needs to be offset by your expected benefits usage to justify the cost.
I hope this comparison helps you make an informed decision about the upgrade offer!