If I want to retire at age of 45, how much Money do I need by then.


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Hi Aarti,

I have following questions for you.

How much money you have currently?
How much is your monthly expenses?
Do you have health insurance?
Any big financial transactions are pending? Like Marriage, Kids Education?

Generally speaking, you need 25 times your annual expenses. For example, if your monthly Expenses are 80K, then 80*12 = 9.6L is annual expenses, and nearly you need (9.6L * 25) 2.4 Crores to retire.
And you need to invest 2.4 Cr to beat inflation at least and need to withdraw 4% every year, and again that comes to 80K per month which are your monthly expenses.

If you have any big financial transactions like marriage or kids' education pending, you might need +60L to +1Cr based on your locality. Now total You need: 3.4Crs

Health Insurance is a must btw.