Impact of number of credit cards on CIBIL score

Hi, I have 3 credit cards currently with a combined limit of 10L. All the credit cards are lifetime free.
I'm being offered more lifetime free credit cards.
My current CIBIL score is 785+. I would like to know the impact of number of credit cards on CIBIL score.
Can anyone share if they have 5 or more credit cards with a CIBIL score of 800+
IMO, the number of credit cards wont have much impact...things that you need to consider is that
1) your credit utilisation on any of these credit card should not go beyond 20% to 30% of it Credit Limit. For Eg: If your credit limit on first card is say 50000 then your any month's generated bill for it should not go beyond 15000 (hack that I use here is that if I have used more than 30% then I do the payment of that additional usage before the bill is generated such that the bill generated is 30% of my Credit Limit or lower than that)
2) Older the credit card, more positively it impacts your CIBIL score
3) If there are multiple injuries for credit cards or loan from your side your score gets negatively impacted
4) Make sure you don't miss any single payment on any of your card


KF Mentor
In my opinion, if you already have 3 credit cards with a combined limit of 10L, then taking one more card won't change your credit score.

  • Make sure you don't apply for multiple cards in short intervals or else your credit score will reduce.
  • If you want to increase your credit scores, diversify your borrowing - either opt for a pay later service, loan, etc.