Is it worth upgrading from HDFC Millennia card to HDFC Regelia Gold card?


KF Rookie
Hello, I currently have HDFC Millennia credit card. HDFC is giving me free upgrade to HDFC Regelia Gold Card. I am pretty sure that, I can spend 4 lakhs rupees yearly which will wave off the renewal fee of 2500 rps. Can anyone suggest whether upgrading will be worth it?


KF Mentor
I think it depends more on your use case. HDFC Regalia Gold is one of the best credit cards especially if you travel a lot.
It gives you a free MMT Black membership, free flights as milestone benefits etc.

You'd be aware of the reward point conversion.
In Millennia CC, 1RP = Rs. 1 (statement credit) and it is good for shopping mainly.
In Regalia CC, 1RP = Rs. 0.2 (statement credit) and up to Rs. 0.5 (in travel)