LTF sbi credit card?

Hello all,

I wanted to apply for a SBI card(majorly for 10% off which we get on amazon or flipkart).

Can you suggest if SBI has any Life time free credit cards or SBI credit cards that have low fees and also are of good value for use?
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SBI Cashback (Annual Fees of Rs. 1000) is one of the best beginners credit card out there, offering 5% cashback. Personally using that card since last 1 year, and even though there some devaluation in this card 6-7 months back but still I think it's totally worth it
Thanks Shavir, just to confirm, i have heard that this credit card cannot be used in amazon or flipkart sale for that 10% discount offer. Is this true?


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Had personally used this card 15-20 days back when the sale was launched, got the cashback smoothly. Not sure if they've delisted the card after that


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Hie Sankesh,

SBI does not offer any LTF, there basis cards start with 499+GST Annual fees and their best card for Cashbacks is SBI Cashback Credit Card, which has a fee of 1000+GST Annually, so if you can spend to effectively so as to cover the Annual Charges and save some thing. then it's a good card accordingly as per your spending habits.
Hence check your spending habits (Online/ Offline), Average Amount of spending and then go for the suitable card.