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Madhya Pradesh Poorv Kshetra Vidyut Vitaran Company Limited (MPEZ) is responsible for the dispersal of electricity within the eastern part of Madhya Pradesh. MPEZ bill is the bill issued by the organization to showcase the electricity consumption within the region. This bill is issued to all types of spaces that use electricity for everyday consumption. It includes businesses, industries, households, commercial spaces, etc.

It is a fee for the consumption of electricity for a specific period. This article will highlight the key components of the MPEZ Bill.
  • Consumer Information: This part contains the consumer number, name and address. Consumer number refers to the distinct identification number of a particular consumer. Apart from that, details about the consumer's Name and Address are required to be given.
  • Billing Details: Billing details showcase the electricity bill generation for a specific period. It contains the issue of the bill and the due date for the same.
  • Meter Reading Fine Points: It contains vital details such as meter reading at the beginning and end of a specific period. It provides insight into the unit of electricity consumed at a certain period.
  • Tariff: This part of the MPEZ bill contains three components; energy charge, fixed charge and additional charge. Energy charge refers to consumed energy consumption. Fixed charge highlights the fee charged for load and electricity connection. Lastly, additional charges could include surcharge, meter rent, taxes, etc.
  • Total Bill Amount: Total Bill amount refers to the net amount payable for the MPEZ bill. It contains current charges and dues from previous bills for the complete payment of electricity consumed in a specific period.
  • Payment Modes: MPEZ allows consumers to pay their MPEZ bill through online and offline modes. Consumers can visit the official website for their bill payment or use designated offline banks or centers to pay their bills.
  • Contact Information: Lastly, MPEZ offers exceptional customer support for their consumers to resolve any issues, queries or grievances regarding bills through their customer service.
Guidelines To Check MPEZ Bill Online
Visit the official website ***********.Mpez.Co.In and then opt for the customer service option on the webpage. A drop-down menu will appear, opt for the View and Pay your bill online option.

  1. The next step is to select a bill-view section and opt for the "View& Pay Bills" option. It allows you to access the Bill-view page.
  2. On the bill view page, you have to give your Consumer number to continue to the next step.

  1. You have to verify your Captcha for verification purposes and move to the next page.
  2. Once the Captcha is verified, you will have access to your MPEZ bill. You can check and download your MPEZ bill.
Bill Payment Registration Procedure For MPEZ Bill

  • The first step is to visit the official website, ***********.Mpez.Co.In.

  • The next step is to look for “Online Invoice Registration System” on the website page.
  • Click the registration link to proceed to the registration page.
  • On this page, proceed to fill in vital details like consumer information, contact details, etc. Once completed, the page will direct you to create a new username and password.
  • Follow the directed instructions to complete your registration process. After that, you can pay your MPEZ bill online.
MPEZ Bill Online Payment Process
You need to visit the official website ***********.Mpez.Co.In to pay your bill online.
  1. The next step is to opt for the "Pay Your HT bill" section. Then, you need to opt for the bill payment option.
  2. Once the payment link is open, proceed with your payment by following the given instructions.
Penalty For Late Payment Of MPEZ Bill

In case of late payment of the MPEZ bill, a penalty of 0.5% per week rate is charged as a late fee. However, if the bill is unpaid for more than two months the electricity disconnection will happen. It is after the full amount is reimbursed to the MPEZ, the electricity connection will be reinstalled.

To sum up, the tariff rate of the MPEZ bill can vary depending on the commercial, industrial or residential electricity usage. Specific consumers are eligible for subsidies as prescribed under government policies. In case of any discrepancies, you can report to the MPEZ immediately.

MPEZ bill is integral to helping the consumer gain insight into their electricity consumption and its associated expenses. It is the ideal solution for consumers to make vital information about their electricity consumption and help them with their timely payment of bills. It can help them to avoid any power disruption to ensure hassle-free everyday operation.

The user-friendly interface of the MPEZ website allows consumers to navigate the website easily and ensure seamless operation. Consumers can view their MPEZ bills easily and pay them online from any given location. In case of any issues, you can seek guidance and help from customer service on the official website.