Normal Scooter VS Electric Scooter | OLA SI VS ACTIVA

for this comparison I am comparing OLA S1 (electric scooter) with ACTIVA 6G ( normal scooter)

costs OLA S1 ( electric)ACTIVA 6G(normal)
buying cost1,10,00093,000
daily run(assumption)30 km30 km
yearly run 10,950 km10,950 km
cost per km0.652.5
fuel cost (5 years)35,5581,36,875
insurance (5years) 35,00032,000
battery replacement35,0000
cost of owning (after 5 years)2,35,5883,01,875

In this case, you can save around ₹60,000-70,000 over 5 years by buying an electric scooter. However, if you use your scooter for less than 10 kilometers per day, a normal scooter would be a better option. If you plan to use your scooter heavily every day (more than 10km per day ), buying an electric scooter makes sense, and you may also be eligible for subsidies depending on your state of residence.