Offline vs Online Bike Insurance

Sarvesh Patil

KF Rookie
Before going to a long ride I am thinking to buy new bike insurance (First party). From which source should I buy the insurance? Online or offline. and what will be the price diff between both.
go for policy they are best to explain the product and you will have better understanding, if you go offline , people will do mis-selling.


KF Rookie
I will recommend visit the policy bazaar and look for the best insurance (read the term and condition of the policy) for you after you visit the website of the same insurance company or contact the customer care of the company and look for the same policy they are offering on their website.
It has been very useful for me as many a time when i buy a policy using this method i get the less premium on the same policy as on policy bazaar or the same premium with some added benefits with it. not every time this work but 95% of the time you will surely be benefited but it is a tedious work to do so but it pays for the work.