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Is that worth it to invest in mobikwik extra as of now, in this the scenario of fed debt, g-sec. interest rate increases.


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Hi, it will depend on your risk appetite and your investment objective. There is not single answer for this question.

P2P investments are much more riskier than FD, G-Sec but also offer relatively higher returns. So it is ultimately your call with the level of risk you're comfortable taking
Hi omkary,
P2P investment is no doubt a riskier investment as shared by Shavir but few points to get consider also.
As per fd debt fund and bonds it gives your higher return because P2P give loans to those people whole are normally rejected by banks or offered less amount.

1. P2P investment have high risk rate because it offers lending to moderate credit score people.

2. There might be chance to default of these people in non payment.

3. P2P lenders usually mobikwik as I know uses a feature in which your amount gets divided into multiple borrowers in multiples of 1000 or around usually. They also provide a Borrower Mapping Report to see this. This mitigate the risk.
In my investment age in mobikwik xtra from 2 years, my money never got stuck.

4. Mobikwik is a reliable platform of Indian market so they have good customer support and also if you have anything non solving, you can raise on their handle on X or Twitter. Their support is prompt which is not visible in any other P2P investment platform.

So my suggestion is it you have quite extra money you can go for it keeping in mind the risk factor.

Any other counter query is welcomed.
Thank you
Priyank Jain