Purchase of vehicles


KF Mentor
Is it possible to purchase a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler by paying in full via credit card?
Yes, you can but it depends on the seller, he may ask you to pay 1.5% to 3% extra and as they will be charged with MDR and with commission they get on vehicle MDR will be a burden for them so hard to negotiate it with them if you they ask you to pay 1.5% and your card gives you more return than 1.5% then its win win for you. Or if you are dining that transition for achieving milestone benefit or annual fee waiver that is also a win win for you.
But if you are thinking of Coverting it to EMI then you'll pay hefty interest.
I bought a royal enfield last month and I did full payment with my axis ACE credit card. My card daily limit was just 50k and I had to make payment of 2 lacs plus so the dealer agreed to send me payment link for 5 days continuously so i used to pay the dealer and then same day make the payment back in card so that i can use my limit next day. Since Axis ACE gives 2% cashback I got saved more than 4k just with this. Also, they didn't ask anything extra for making payment with credit card
Bonus Tip - you can buy the insurance from outside instead of from the dealer as that's cheaper or you can also ask the dealer to match the insurance price that you are getting outside. I found acko prices better for this.