[Query] Best Fuel Card for Small Transactions


KF Rookie
I enjoyed 1% cashback (by doing transaction in 3 different categories and making sure fuel is within top 2 categories in terms of spends for a particular monthly statement cycle) along with fuel surcharge waiver on OneCard until now but I'm getting it closed. I've a two-wheeler (scooty) and the transaction amount ranges between Rs. 200 - Rs. 300 and most of the credit cards provide fuel surcharge waiver on transaction amount Rs. 400 or above.

So, I'm looking for a good credit card, preferably LTF which provides fuel surcharge waiver for transactions as low as Rs. 200 (if no restriction, would be best) along with cashback or reward point in any form.
I would rather ask u to go for Amex cards for fuel spends.. They can easily give 7% returns on fuel spends.. Contact me on twitter to know the work around @nebula_world or can DM me