Regalia query


KF Mentor
When you buy an Amazon gift card using a smart buy platform, say Rs. 10k, you must pay Rs. 295 as processing fees.
After the transaction, once the credit card bill is generated for that month, you'll get 1310 (1056 + 264) reward points whose value in INR is equal to Rs. 660 (1RP = Rs. 0.50 in flights & booking or air miles on smartbuy).

P.S. In a way, you are getting an Amazon gift card of Rs. 10k in just Rs. 9635 (Rs. 10295 - Rs. 660).

Note: The value of reward points mentioned in the screenshot is the maximum possible conversion. If you want to redeem reward points as a statement credit, then it will be just Rs. 260 (1RP = Rs. 0.20).
So, if you plan to redeem the rewards for flight/hotel bookings or air miles, then only buy any gift card with regalia.