Regalia to Infinia upgrade


KF Ace
Currently, I am getting upgrade offer on my Regalia LTF card to Regalia Gold with annual charges of 2500+GST. Please advise if I should upgrade this which can help me get to Infinia in next 1 or 2 years ? I am having HDFC saving Max bank account but I do not keep much balance in the account and also account is 4 years old.


KF Expert
Yes, two years ago, i upgraded from Regalia Business to Infinia Metal Card. My Regalia credit limit was about 12 Lac, then i spent more than 7 lac in 6 last months. After that, i requested them for an upgrade by email. They sent me an upgrade form. After sending a scanned upgrade form and scanned upgrade form, it's upgraded within a week successfully with a limit of 15 lac. They offered me a 1st year free Infinia Metal Card.