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What should be the rent of a 4000sqft commercial property in Meerut worth inr 10 crore it's a ground floor corner property facing India's first rapid train and meerut metro also it's lie between 2 metro stations with largest parking in the area I'm attaching a file please let me know the changes in my presentation
To estimate the rent for a commercial property in Meerut, especially one with unique features like being a ground floor corner property facing major transportation hubs, it would be advisable to consult with local real estate professionals or property appraisers. They can provide a more accurate assessment based on the current market conditions and specific details of the property.
Factors to consider when determining the rent may include:
  1. Location: Proximity to metro stations and other transportation hubs can significantly impact the property's value.
  2. Amenities: The availability of parking, especially the largest in the area, is a valuable feature. Other amenities and facilities should also be taken into account.
  3. Market Demand: Consider the demand for commercial properties in the specific area and whether there are similar properties available for rent.
  4. Property Size: The size of the property (in this case, 4000 sqft) is a crucial factor in determining the rent.
  5. Local Economic Conditions: The overall economic conditions and growth prospects of the area can influence property prices.
For a precise evaluation, I recommend reaching out to local real estate experts or property consultants who can provide a comprehensive analysis based on the current market dynamics in Meerut.


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If I can consult the. Why I'll post questions here ? In our area the real estate agents are just lazy people they have the old price only


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Actually the Real Estate price depends highly upon the industry which is now there in the city and future plans of government about the development of the city