Reliance SBI PRIME Credit Card Launched

Manoj Kohli

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Finally, Reliance is also launching their co-branded credit card with SBI. I think this will be a game changer since Reliance Groups already owns so many brands in India.

Expecting a 5-10% cashback across all the Reliance Brand from this card. Let's see what SBI has in store for us


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Currently I am using SBI prime credit card(MASTER CARD) and where I live there are some store to use my card like blackberry,Peter England, Raymond,Pizza Hut, Domino's,etc. But sometimes they refuse to accept my credit card for payment they say my machine is not working so please send money through Paytm,phone pay,gpay.But the point is if I don't have money in cash or in my account.And i forgot my wallet at home so the draw back is that what to do about that situation.
Because we use our credit card for points or for our use but if they refuse it to accept that payment by SBI prime credit card.So I am thinking to change my SBI PRIME CREDIT CARDS(MASTER CARD) to other network which is Rupay.
So that I can use my card to local shops near me and pay through UPI but,when I call to SBI credit card customer care number,they are saying that we are sorry to say but you can't change network for this varient to Rupay.But you can change your SBI PRIME CREDIT CARDS to other SBI card Like(SBI ELITE,SIMPLY SAVE,etc)😒what to do at this situation.
Use this card as I am using and wait for card network guidelines to change as government is saying.
What to do!? I am confused😕
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