Right time to buy House?


KF Mentor
Firstly you must figure out your budget and what kind of house you want. It is the most basic thing then you can start investing with keeping the goal in mind. But obviously, the real estate prices go up in no time. I would advice you to buy a land by taking loan or saving for some time. Then you can easily take home construction loan to make your own house. But it depends upon your income broadly


KF Mentor
Assuming you want to buy a home for yourself, you can use the 10-20-30 rule.
1. You should have 10% of your new home price worth of Emergency funds.
2. You should have 20% of your new home price for down payment.
3. A maximum of 30% of your salary should be used for monthly EMI for the home loan.

Now, you can check the amount of property(home) you can buy as per your current salary. If you want to buy a bigger/costlier home, then you should start investing in some investment schemes for it.