RM vs Bank vs Online, which is best for applying credit cards?

Since I’m new to the credit cards, wanna know the best way to apply and get approved for the same. Month ago, applied online with HDFC, SBI, ICICI all got rejected. At that time I didn’t even know that one should not apply for much applications.
Some wisdom is required.
If you have already applied these cards and rejected it means you are not creditworthy. I think you have low credit score which will be affect your future loans so first bulid your credit score higher cibil score will help you to get your credit card. First apply for the FD credit cards do timely payment it will also help you to increase score. You can get fd card very easily because these cards not require cibil score you can apply fd cards with 2000rs fd in any bank. Moreover, you can go with the one card credit card and it has more benefits. you can apply through the one card application.
Thanks for the advice

One more advice please

My RM says I’ve offers for credit cards with my account. But as I recently applied for the one, I have to wait for 2-3 months before applying for that offer credit card.
My CIBIL is 726
What should I do?
It's your personal choice but i think You have to wait for 2-3 months because your cibil score is average, 750 is a good score for credit card loans or if u don't want to wait so simply apply one card FD credit card by yourself through online because one card is a best card. You can control your card expenses through the one card application it is very easy to use and also it will helps to improve your cibil score.
I went through some videos
Suggested to go for bigger bank fd cards
They have better value than one card
Card Closing
Fd closing
Give me some more advice
As I have bank accounts with SBI n HDFC
it’ll be easy to get a credit card

But I want to also have AXIS cards because of their system

So, should I get FD card with AXIS and will it help me get AXIS cards later in near future?


KF Ace
For Axis, their Portal. For HDFC, RM can help you with out of rule approval. For IDFC, online.
For rest Agent or Offline
For ICICI also, online... And For Amex, always prefer Referral.

You can DM me for referral
First of all
Thanks for the advice
I’ll not be able to get any cards right now as my cibil is 726
As per my knowledge 750+ is required
I can be wrong
And AMEX is a future option for me, first I have to get used to credit cards, their working billing payments you know for a first timer
But in future if required, I will