Samman RuPay Credit Card Launched by Induslnd Bank for Government Employees


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IndusInd Bank has partnered with the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) to launch a new credit card, the IndusInd Bank Samman RuPay Credit Card, for government sector employees. This card offers exclusive benefits to government employees, making their banking experience even better.

Key Features​

  • Combining Credit Card and UPI: The Samman RuPay Credit Card offers the perks of a regular credit card along with the advanced features of UPI, making it a seamless financial tool.
  • Benefits for Government Employees: The card provides a range of advantages, including cashback on various expenses, free movie tickets, no charges on cash advances, and waivers on surcharges for transactions made through IRCTC and fuel purchases.
  • Financial Incentives: The features are not just about financial incentives but also aim to simplify and enrich the everyday transactional experience for government employees.

RBI Approval and UPI Connectivity​

  • The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has granted permission to link RuPay credit cards with UPI payment applications. For a credit card to work on UPI platforms, it must be a RuPay credit card.

Linking RuPay Credit Cards with UPI​

  • Various banks, including HDFC Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, YES Bank, and Federal Bank, have introduced virtual RuPay credit cards compatible with UPI.
  • RuPay Credit Cards on UPI allow a seamless, digitally enabled credit card experience for customers. It enables easy linking of RuPay credit cards to UPI IDs, facilitating secure payment transactions.

Top Features According to NPCI​

  1. Find credit card accounts based on the registered mobile number and link them to the UPI ID using the BHIM app or any UPI app.
  2. After linking the card, customers can make payments to merchants by scanning the UPI QR code, authenticated using a UPI PIN.
  3. Certain transactions like cash withdrawal at a merchant, P2P, P2PM, and card-to-card payments are not allowed through this functionality.
  4. Transactions adhere to UPI standard transaction limits.
  5. Features like AutoPay and dispute resolution are available for customers via ODR (UPIHelp) through UPI Apps.


The IndusInd Bank Samman RuPay Credit Card is a unique financial tool that combines the benefits of a traditional credit card with the advanced features of UPI. It offers cashback on various expenses, complimentary movie tickets, zero fees on cash advances, and exemptions from surcharges on IRCTC transactions and fuel purchases. The card is designed for government employees to provide a seamless and rewarding banking experience while promoting digital transactions.

In conclusion, the IndusInd Bank Samman RuPay Credit Card stands out as a forward-looking financial tool that goes beyond traditional credit card offerings. By smoothly incorporating UPI functionalities, the card not only offers exclusive benefits but also underscores the bank's dedication to being at the forefront of banking innovation.

The strategic collaboration between IndusInd Bank and NPCI indicates a concerted effort to provide tailored solutions for government sector employees. The comprehensive package of benefits, including cashback, complimentary movie tickets, and exemptions from surcharges, is designed to make the card appealing for a wide range of transactions.

As the banking industry continues to evolve, the Samman RuPay Credit Card serves as a testament to the importance of understanding and addressing the unique needs of specific customer segments. Government employees now have access to a financial instrument that not only meets their day-to-day transactional needs but also aligns with the digital trends shaping the future of banking.