SBI SimplyClick RP forfeit

I've been using SBI SimplyClick Credit Card for about a year now. I used my reward points and collected an Amazon Voucher for Rs.500 sometime back.
But in September they charged me for "STATEMENT DB - RP FORFEIT FOR CBK OFFER" - "Rs.339.50", What is this for?
Has anyone of you faced this?


KF Rookie
As per SBI Simplyclick T&C, if a user is given instant bank discount for any transaction, he will not earn any Reward points for that transaction. However, their system is buggy and they credit the points for that transaction too. But after 4-5 months they take it back. If there are sufficient Reward points at time of deduction, they will deduct equivalent money from you.
For this reason SBI sucks a lot !! For this reason, I haven't redeemed any reward points for approx a year now.