Selling land and investing that money in mis scheme for regular income is good option or not ?


KF Rookie
Is it the right option to sell any land and invest that amount in mis scheme so that i can run my house expenses with that
Surely the amount will be big but is it possible for long term means for my entire life to live on that interests or else after sometime that money will also become less for me


Staff member
This is a very big decision, and I would recommend to get in touch with a registered financial advisor before even thinking of taking this call


KF Mentor
I don't think selling land would ever give you enough money for your expenses for your entire life. It'll end at some point in time.
I would suggest thinking of ways you can monetize that land and use that income for your expenses.


KF Rookie
No it's not a good choice to sell a land . I would recommend that you have to try for monetization of land instead of selling it as land is also a good investment for long terms or you can make some rental income through your land . Actually its hard to explain without knowing your actual land area or in which Tier city your land is located , can you tell these info for better recommendations. I would love to help you.