Stock under ₹1

Sorry, suggesting some stocks is wrong in the first place, and you should also avoid penny stocks.

The stocks whose stock value is under 1 rupee are worth 1 rupee because, for some reason, if they were performing great, wouldn't you think that the big giant players would not notice and would not invest and inflate the price?

And if you think that a 1 rupee stock price will be 2 rupees and it will double, it does not happen that way. One year ago, I invested in Yes Bank, thinking just like this, and still today, it's at a loss. So I would advise you to avoid penny stocks at all costs.
Hey Arvind,
First I want to know why you are want to buy a stock under rs 1.
The 1 rs stock available in market because there is nothing good about that stock that's why it is trading at 1rs. If companies fundamental were good then it would not have been found in one rupees.
you can't buy gold in price of metal because gold is gold. Gold has value . That's why gold is expensive.
Always go for strong fundamental maybe you will not get rich sooner but in long term you will definitely achieve your financial freedom.
Always be aware in such cases because there are more than 5000 companies out of them 200-300 companies will survive in long run.
Share market is subject to risk.