Suggest credit card for offline use with maximum cashback


KF Mentor
Hello There,
Use Axis ace credit card for offline spends. It gives 2 % cashback for offline usage.
You can also use Flipkart axis card it will give you 1.4% for offline spends.


KF Rookie
You have couple of good options:
1. Tata Neu Infinity Rupay: 1.5% Value back
2. Scapia Card: 2% Valueback as Scapia Coins but can earn on most categories than others even on fuel(Swipe), enjoy while it lasts. Coins have to be used within the app.
3. Axis Ace : 2% Cashback

You can also earn good rewards buying GiftCards and then use them offline. HDFC Bank, Axis Bank, AMEX, IndusInd Bank offers integration with Gyftr to buy gift cards at discounted price. HDFC smartbuy is best for most cases as it will provide at least 5% value back on all gift cards.

I have personally used all these options but I have closed Axis ace recently.


KF Master
Tata Neu Infinity is not a Cashback card you get neu coins and usage of it is limited to Tata Neu sites.

Best real Cash back cards would be:

- Axis Ace - 1.5% (CB is settled in next statement cycle)
- Myntra Kotak - 1.25% (Instantly settled in statement, If you buy item worth 1000, you'll only pay 987.5)