What to do with ELSS?


KF Rookie
I am a government employee saving with ELSS. I have no idea what to do with ELSS after the 3 years lockin period. I'm putting in 5000/- a month roughly.

With increasing EPF contribution, adding my NPS contribution too, and my Insurance premium, my tax saving needs with ELSS are reducing every year, because 80C is limited to 150k.

Can someone please suggest what to do with ELSS contributions I've made, and where should I invest these monthly contributions in future.


KF Mentor
Hi Kiing.
After the ELSS funds are mature, you can reinvest them in any of the following schemes based on your risk profile:
1. If you don't want to take risks, then invest it in FD.
2. If you can take moderate risks, then invest it in any Mutual Funds as lumpsum.

Since you are already investing in EPF and NPS, other options won't make sense for you. You should aim to grow your capital for any of your goals like property, vehicle, business etc.